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Abū Badīl Ahmad ibn Muhammad Sajāwandī (Persian: ابوبدیل احمد بن محمد سجاوندی) (died 1176 CE or 571 AH) was a 12th-century chronicler, commentator on the Quran, poet and orator. He was the son of the scholar Muhammad ibn Tayfour Sajawandi. He is mentioned in the Lubab ul-Albab ("Heart of hearts") of Aufi and the Chahar Maqalah ("Four Discourses") of Nizami Aruzi as a great poet and orator at the court of (reigning Herat in the mid-11th century), under the name Malik al-Kalām Majd ad-Dīn Aḥmad Badi'hī Sajāwandī. However, as this event must have preceded Abu Badil's lifetime by close to a century, it is likely that these individuals have been confused from an early date, with Malik al-Kalām Aḥmad Badi'hī ("the king of speech") being known for his poetry, and Imâm-e Kabīr Ahmad ibn Muhammad

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