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Mufti Amjad Ali Aazmi (Urdu: مفتى أمجد على أعظمى) (November 1882 – 6 September 1948), also known as Sadr-ush-Shariah (Urdu: صدر الشريعه, Chief of the Islamic Law) Badr-e-Tariqat (Shining Moon of the Spiritual Mythology or Tariqah) was an Islamic jurist, writer and former Grand Mufti of India. Mufti Amjad Ali was born in 1882 (1300 Hijri), in the Mohalla Karimuddin Pur, Ghosi, Mau district, Uttar Pradesh, India. His Father name Hakim Jamaluddin Ansari. His father and grandfather both were renowned scholars in religious theology and expert specialists in the Unani medicine.

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