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Jean-Baptist David (25 January 1801, Lier – 24 March 1866, Leuven) was a canon and professor of Dutch and history at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Jean-Baptist David was born in the Belgian city of Lier. As a professor he worked together with Jan Frans Willems and was president of the first and second Taelcongres that resulted in the language unity between the Netherlands and Flanders. He was the editor of the first united Dutch dictionary, that was published in 1864. He also wrote several books on the history of Flanders, and produced the first modern edition of the works of Jan van Ruusbroec (5 vols., Maetschappy der Vlaemsche Bibliophilen, Ghent, 1858–1868). He died in 1866 in Leuven.

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