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Kopperunchinga II (reigned c. 1243-1279 CE) was a Kadava chieftain, who succeeded his father Kopperunchinga I and continued his successes against the Hoysalas. Since the Chola power no longer constituted a threat, Kopperunchinga II acted as the de facto protector of the Chola king and helped him maintain his position on the throne. As he expanded his territorial holdings, Kopperunchinga II assumed such titles as Maharajasimha, Khadgamalla, Kadava Pallava, Alappirandan, Avaniyalappirandan, Kanakasabhapathy, etc. He has left numerous inscriptions mainly in the South Arcot and Chingleput districts and the northern portion of Thanjavur, and a few have also been found in the North Arcot and Chittoor districts. Ultimately, however, the resurgence of the power of the Pandya kingdom of Madurai end

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