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Zedekiah Smith Barstow (October 4, 1790 – March 1, 1873) was an American minister. Barstow, the youngest child of Deacon John and Susannah (Smith) Barstow, was born in Canterbury, Connecticut, October 4, 1790. Having previously prepared himself in the mathematics and the higher English branches, while working on his father's farm, he commenced the study of the classics at the age of 19, with Rev. Erastus Learned, of Canterbury, and after six months of persevering study, was admitted to Yale College in 1811, where he graduated in 1813. After graduation he pursued his theological studies under the direction of President Dwight, and was licensed to preach in New Haven in 1814. For two years he was tutor and college chaplain in Hamilton College, where he received the degree of A.M. (ad eundem)

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