Skins is an American teen drama that premiered on January 17, 2011, on MTV in the United States. It is a remake of the original UK show of the same name. As with the UK series, the American version features a cast of amateur actors and young writers.The series generated controversy in the United States over its sexual content, in which several advertisers withdrew and there were some accusations of child pornography since most of its cast members were under the age of 18.

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  • Skins is an American teen drama that premiered on January 17, 2011, on MTV in the United States. It is a remake of the original UK show of the same name. As with the UK series, the American version features a cast of amateur actors and young writers.The series generated controversy in the United States over its sexual content, in which several advertisers withdrew and there were some accusations of child pornography since most of its cast members were under the age of 18. On June 9, 2011, MTV announced that they would not renew Skins for a second season, with a statement that "Skins is a global television phenomenon that, unfortunately, did not connect with a U.S. audience as much as we had hoped. We admire the work that the series creator Bryan Elsley did in adapting the show for MTV, and appreciate the core audience that embraced it." (en)
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  • Tea goes to lesbian nightclub The Northern Soul, where she meets Betty, a classmate who has shown interest in her. Tea takes Betty home where the two have sex; Tea later explains to Betty that it was simply a one night stand and didn't mean anything more than that. When Betty presses Tea for why she doesn't want a relationship, Tea explains that she doesn't feel anyone matches up to her. Tea feels like an outsider in her own family and confides in her grandmother that she likes having sex with girls, but she is bored; she just wants to be with someone interesting. Tea agrees to go out on a blind date arranged by her Italian father to benefit his business connections, not knowing that her blind date is in fact Tony. The two go on a date and get drunk and Tony tells Tea that he is her match. Tea takes Tony to the deserted lesbian club where the two dance, kiss and start to have sex, but stop when Tea begins to laugh, calling it terrible. Although Tea knows that being romantically involved with Tony would be a mistake, she feels like she has a strong connection with him. At home, she seeks solace from her grandmother, who reveals that she was once in love with a woman who ultimately rejected her due to religious and social norms. At school the next day, Betty kisses Tea in front of the whole school, causing Tony's jealousy to grow. He later calls her, seeking a connection, but she once again rejects both him and Betty, who also calls. The episode ends with Tea dancing alone in her grandmother's room. Meanwhile, Stanley's worries over his debt to Mad Mao Le Dong intensify when Mad visits the school. Mad follows and then confronts Tea, threatening her and calling her a dyke . Mad is then disposed of by Tea's father and his friends. (en)
  • The series finale. Tony is in a depression over Tea, and his younger sister, Eura attempts to comfort him. She also seeks attention from her parents by stripping down and pouring yogurt all over herself, but they do not notice. In an attempt to resolve Tony's problems, she tricks everyone into thinking she's been kidnapped and leads them to a concert, where Stanley finds her and tries to take her but is stopped by security. He then gets on the stage and begins to sing, alongside Cadie. The episode ends with Tony and Eura being brought home by their father and Eura finally speaking, Tea sleeping with Betty at the hospital, where she is getting an ankle operation, Abbud revealing his love to Daisy and the two having sex, and Michelle kissing Stanley while Chris stays over at his house. (en)
  • Daisy spends her time caring for others and never has any fun for herself. She loves playing her trumpet and her sister loves singing, but has a strict dad who hates all kinds of music, along with an absent mom. When Daisy decides to have casual sex with Abbud, they discover that Daisy's sister has thrown a party in their apartment and is singing rap to everyone. Eura, Tony's sister, is there and is a total wreck. Abbud, grabs the microphone from Daisy's sister and pretends he is the police causing everyone to run, except Eura, who has passed out on the floor. After calling the gang to help clean up the party before Daisy's father returns home, Chris finds Daisy's father's piano, which got destroyed by the party. When Daisy and Abbud try for a second attempt to have sex, Daisy's father comes home early to discover his broken piano. Daisy takes the blame although she took no part in the destruction and her father demands she hands over her saved up money for her college music audition to pay for the rent. Abbud challenges Daisy's father, but Daisy tells him to go, and he storms out the door. As Abbud tries to take Daisy's money to avoid it being taken by her father, they finally have sex which ends with Abbud running out the door in joy. The next day, Daisy is trying out for a prestige band which she drops out of because she feels guilty of lying to her father. The last scene shows Daisy's sister greeting her dad at the door and showing him the new piano that Daisy bought for him with her college money. The episode ends with Daisy and her father playing music together. (en)
  • The group takes a class trip to Canada and into the woods for a nature retreat. At the border, Stanley smuggles weed in by shoving it up his butt. Stanley later claims that his butt "swallowed it up further", annoying and amusing everyone. Meanwhile, in Canada, Dave continuously attempts to hook up with Tina. In an attempt to arouse her, he doesn't watch the road but ends up hitting a moose. He tries to kill it humanely, but it gets up unharmed after a few moments. Throughout the trip, Abbud sees a "psycho killer" in the woods. In the teacher's tent, Chris tells Tina he loves her, and they kiss. Later, in order to get high, the guys eat wild mushrooms and lick a toad, but it only causes them to throw up everywhere. Abbud tries to kiss Tea, but she insists that she only likes girls. He later finds Tea and Tony having sex in a shed, and feels betrayed. The next morning he and Tea begin to talk at the top of a courage pole. Abbud begins yelling at Tea, calling her a "fake" and "not a real lesbian", and stands up, causing him to fall. He has minor injuries and is taken to the hospital, after apologizing to Tea. Minor Subplot: Michelle is frustrated that Tony is losing interest in her. (en)
  • Party-animal Chris awakens to an erection and to find that his mother, a single parent, has left Chris alone along with $1000 cash in an envelope, promising to return in a few days. Chris, known for his recklessness and at Tony's behest, spends the money on an expensive stereo system and drugs and throws a house party which is overwhelmed by gatecrashers. Among the party's invitees is Chris's teacher Tina, for whom he has romantic feelings, although she claims she does not reciprocate. At Chris's request they share a dance, although Tina leaves hurriedly when she realises Chris has an erection, a result of his experimentation with a Viagra-like drug. Meanwhile, Stanley continues his quest to lose his virginity, but agrees with Cadie that they should stop pretending they have slept together. The morning after the party, Chris awakens to his house in disarray and realises his mother has left for good, taking all her possessions with her. A squatter has taken up residence in his bathroom following the previous night's party, and they fight, resulting in Chris being locked out of his own house, which has been largely destroyed. Chris seeks solace in Tina and Daisy, to whom he reveals that he does have an estranged father. At Daisy's insistence they visit Chris's father's new family, but are met with hostility. Chris flees to the nearby cemetery, where he confides to Daisy that he once had an older brother, Peter, who died as a teenager. He further reveals that he knows his mother has not left town, as she has also been by the cemetery and left fresh flowers at Peter's gravesite. Without a home to return to, Tina offers Chris temporary accommodation in her own house. (en)
  • Cadie's life is a mess; she's ignored by her parents and constantly sent to doctors to be given more drugs to treat a variety of mental illnesses . When Cadie attempts to bond with her father, she ends up fantasizing about killing him. Stanley calls Cadie in order to trick her into bringing all her pills to Michelle's party, saying it would be their date – however, at the party Cadie is ignored by Stanley, who is still in love with Michelle; Stanley confesses to Michelle that Tony has been lying about Cadie and Stanley sleeping together. Cadie attempts to connect with the others in the group but ultimately fails; Eura doesn't speak to her, Abbud is only interested in pills, Chris says Cadie just needs to show more skin, Meanwhile, Tony continues to pursue Tea; Tea once again rejects him, telling him to just leave her alone. Cadie overhears and confronts Tony about this, telling him that he can't just keep doing whatever he wants. Tea then confesses that Cadie is just being used by Stanley. As the party continues, Cadie is pursued by Michelle's mother's boyfriend; she eventually gives in to his advances and the two begin to have sex, but are interrupted by Stanley. Stanley tells Cadie that he cares about her, but Cadie leaves angrily, feeling that everyone has disappointed her. The episode ends with Cadie chasing away pigeons and going home, where she lies on her bed, deeply depressed. She ends up taking her pills like her mother tells her to and states, "See? I'm happy." (en)
  • Stanley's parents find out about his ditching of class and forged excuse notes, and he learns if he misses another class, he would have to repeat the 11th grade. The next day, his patient mom and his crazy father both have different methods of waking him up, which both fail. He misses the bus for school, and "borrows" his dad's old car to just barely make it to class. The gang finds out about Stanley's "new ride" and takes Michelle to Tony's choir recital. At the end of the song, Tony and Tabitha kiss, which angers Michelle. The two girls fight, and Tony offers Michelle to Stanley. Upon taking her home, Michelle believes Stanley was a part of Tony's scheme, and kisses him out of anger and pity. When Stanley goes home for rest, Tony asks him to take him home from Tabitha's mansion. In the car Stan berates Tony on how he always gets Stan in trouble and will not listen to him anymore. Immediately after, Tony tells Stan to turn into the nearby military air base. Stan then drives violently over a speed bump and the car starts smoking; at the behest of Tony, Stan tries to drive off of the base but the car breaks down and explodes into flames. Stanley gets Grand Theft Auto charges which Stanley's father refuses to sign for, making Stanley have to go to court. Later there is a party at the beach and Stanley and Michelle reconcile, dancing together. Soon, however, Tony reclaims his girlfriend. Stanley leaves angered. Then the court date approaches and the judge dismisses the case, even calling Stan's father a bastard in the process. When he and his dad go home, Stanley finds out that his mom left . Stanley tries to get his dad to fix the situation, but he doesn't. They have a heart to heart in their charred vehicle in the garage. (en)
  • Michelle is suspicious of Tony after he disses her at a rave, by pretending not to hear her when she says "I love you" repeatedly. She later goes to the clinic to get birth control, but the doctor mistakes her for her mother and performs a full check-up. Meanwhile, Tea tries to have a relationship with Betty. The doctor later informs Michelle that she has chlamydia. Since she did not cheat, she finally realizes that Tony must have been sleeping with someone else. She finds out that all of her friends knew and didn't tell her a thing. Stanley confronts Tony, and tries to attack him, but misses and breaks his nose. Michelle seeks help from her promiscuous mother, who tells her not to fall in love. Stanley finds out Cadie is out of rehab, but that she is seeing a new guy. The next day, Michelle finds out Tony cheated on her with Tea when she bumps into Tea's backpack and the antibiotics to treat Chlamydia fall out. Michelle then goes to Stanley's house and tries to seduce him, but Stan climaxes prematurely and nothing else happens between them. Michelle returns home to see Tea waiting for her, wanting to apologize, but she rejects her, and says it's the first time she's ever seen Tea cry. Later, Michelle rips up all of her photos of her and Tony and throws them in the hot tub. She invites Tony over to talk, and they have sex. After, she tells Tony to leave and never come back again. Later, Betty is seen walking to the bus station, where she finds Michelle. The two take a trip to Boston together. (en)
  • Tony wants to help his friend Stanley lose his virginity and enlists the help of his girlfriend, Michelle, with whom Stan is secretly in love. Michelle helps Cadie, who agrees to sleep with Stanley as long as he gets her some drugs. Tony sends Stanley to meet a drug dealer named Mad Mao Le Dong, who forces Stanley to purchase four ounces of weed . Tony is invited to a party by a rich girl, Tabitha, and he unsuccessfully tries to convince his other friends to come along as well. At the party, Stanley watches Tony and Michelle dance together while Cadie overdoses on pills; when Stanley and Cadie go outside to have sex, Cadie ends up passing out. Tea and the others arrive at the party and almost immediately get into a fight with the other guests and the group end up stealing a car to drive Cadie to the hospital. Cadie, however, awakes just as they arrive, seemingly fine. While waiting for Cadie to relieve herself Stanley and Tony accidentally drive the stolen car into a river. Everyone in the car survives the accident, but the weed Stanley purchased is now lost. The episode ends with Stanley and Tony in bed, with Stanley glumly admitting he's still a virgin and Tony responding that it's pathetic. (en)
  • The episode begins with Tina and Chris having sex in Abbud's "treehouse" when Tina hits her head and begins to cry. Chris attempts to console her and she reveals that it is her birthday. Abbud finds the two and Tina bribes him with an offer of an "A" in her class to keep quiet. Tina later flirts with her neighbor after having doubts about her relationship with Chris and comes onto him, only to get rejected. Later at school, Tina is grading essays and reads a very explicit essay written by Chris detailing how he plans to have sex with her tonight. Dave picks up the paper and reads the title, to which Tina reacts harshly and snatches the paper back. Dave then shows Tina a miniature steam engine, and a series of houses so he can figure out where it is she lives in an attempt to woo her later that night. Dave's steam engine is later stolen. Tina sees her neighbor, Evan, walking in the rain and offers him a ride and asks for a date for her birthday. He obliges and the next scene is them in Tina's car in front of a fast food restaurant eating burgers. Tina comes onto Evan by attempting to engage in oral sex with him. He declines, calling her childish, and leaves. Tina arrives home to see Chris has thrown her a surprise party. Unhappy about recent turns of events, she helps a student with work. The party-goers vandalize Tina's house and Chris deftly kicks them all out. Chris apologizes and offers Tina two presents: Dave's steam engine and sex. Dave, having found Tina's apartment, walks into the building and into her room to catch Chris having sex with her, and his steam engine toy exploding. Dave has Tina arrested on counts of child molestation and she is thrown in jail. Chris, Abbud, and Stanley are called in as witnesses and attempt to defend Tina. It is later revealed that Tina has been fired, is moving back in with her parents, and is a suspected sex offender required by law to tell her neighbors. Chris sends her flowers and a card telling her to call him. As she is not allowed to talk to him anymore, she deletes his number from her phone, and Chris knowing she will not call throws away his phone in a depressed rage. (en)
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  • Skins is an American teen drama that premiered on January 17, 2011, on MTV in the United States. It is a remake of the original UK show of the same name. As with the UK series, the American version features a cast of amateur actors and young writers.The series generated controversy in the United States over its sexual content, in which several advertisers withdrew and there were some accusations of child pornography since most of its cast members were under the age of 18. (en)
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  • Skins (en)
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