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List of Romanian football transfers winter 2016–17
2017-01-13T12:12:05Z 2017-01-15T11:39:40Z 2017-01-13T20:06:44Z 2017-01-13T10:42:24Z 2017-01-09T09:16:36Z 2017-01-08T09:01:31Z 2017-01-13T12:53:42Z 2017-01-10T16:31:45Z 2017-01-15T11:35:22Z 2017-01-04T16:14:15Z 2017-01-09T14:10:46Z 2017-01-15T15:40:16Z 2017-01-13T15:14:13Z 2017-01-12T15:33:46Z 2017-01-09T17:39:48Z 2017-01-11T12:52:36Z 2017-01-13T11:11:08Z 2017-01-16T19:39:19Z 2017-01-09T17:29:45Z 2017-01-11T08:28:47Z 2017-01-11T12:24:57Z 2017-01-10T16:29:33Z 2017-01-13T21:07:33Z 2017-01-15T15:57:21Z 2017-01-09T17:41:09Z 2017-01-11T13:35:28Z 2017-01-11T13:33:54Z 2017-01-13T10:32:28Z 2017-01-11T13:11:42Z 2017-01-13T21:09:26Z 2017-01-12T15:23:24Z 2017-01-13T11:10:54Z 2017-01-10T16:42:36Z 2017-01-10T16:35:51Z 2017-01-13T08:10:35Z 2017-01-09T14:34:09Z 2017-01-13T20:09:12Z 2017-01-10T09:36:09Z 2017-01-11T17:31:07Z 2017-01-13T20:30:22Z 2017-01-09T17:40:03Z 2017-01-09T13:43:22Z 2017-01-13T08:55:41Z 2017-01-15T11:44:11Z 2017-01-09T17:28:40Z 2017-01-16T20:36:04Z 2017-01-09T17:34:27Z 2017-01-09T13:32:58Z 2017-01-10T16:13:02Z 2017-01-13T12:43:34Z 2017-01-11T13:34:06Z 2017-01-10T16:28:20Z 2017-01-09T13:39:51Z 2017-01-16T19:38:56Z 2017-01-11T12:48:46Z 2017-01-12T15:37:42Z 2017-01-11T13:44:20Z 2017-01-09T14:18:11Z 2017-01-13T20:03:45Z 2017-01-13T15:03:42Z 2017-01-09T17:36:33Z 2017-01-13T11:09:35Z 2017-01-14T07:29:43Z 2017-01-04T08:42:51Z 2017-01-13T20:29:07Z 2017-01-11T13:44:33Z 2017-01-13T18:58:55Z 2017-01-09T14:01:54Z 2017-01-11T13:46:57Z 2017-01-04T08:42:26Z 2017-01-05T08:06:33Z 2017-01-13T12:47:58Z 2017-01-09T13:44:19Z 2017-01-15T11:39:52Z 2017-01-10T16:26:42Z 2017-01-13T14:58:30Z 2017-01-16T20:13:25Z 2017-01-11T08:13:46Z 2017-01-10T16:11:45Z 2017-01-09T17:37:30Z 2017-01-15T15:41:05Z 2017-01-15T11:45:54Z 2017-01-08T08:56:43Z 2017-01-10T09:09:43Z 2017-01-13T15:16:24Z 2017-01-13T12:52:07Z 2017-01-11T08:08:28Z 2017-01-13T15:13:11Z 2017-01-10T09:08:36Z 2017-01-16T16:16:54Z 2017-01-11T13:46:29Z 2017-10-02T22:05:22Z 2017-01-15T09:47:48Z 2017-01-13T20:06:33Z 2017-01-12T20:03:23Z 2017-01-04T16:13:56Z 2017-01-13T10:32:13Z 2017-01-04T16:11:45Z 2017-01-11T18:19:16Z 2017-01-09T08:51:24Z 2017-01-08T09:02:31Z 2017-01-10T16:42:54Z 2017-01-13T21:07:05Z 2018-05-03T03:10:11Z 2017-01-10T11:32:23Z 2017-01-11T12:47:11Z 2017-01-09T09:11:33Z 2017-01-16T11:33:53Z 2017-01-13T08:12:19Z 2017-01-16T16:15:28Z 2017-01-13T20:31:36Z 2017-01-11T12:00:36Z 2017-01-13T10:41:09Z 2017-01-10T11:34:49Z
9314 8537 9403 8521 13045 11618 8493 9215 4880 9306 11518 4957 12916 8148 10608 10612 8368 13017 10710 10693 10503 8028 8260 8009 12772 12886 4773 4614 10118 7973 11429 4696 10199 12672 11349 10164 7851 4491 9974 10413 12534 7763 7752 24698 7744 12637 13499 12612 14845 13309 12435 12427 13278 4410 14717 3984 12455 12461 6700 4201 14802 12190 4295 6519 14760 12118 6602 12347 14578 12337 4090 4091 11228 4079 14237 4188 9573 14207 11912 14645 14635 6385 3878 3880 14466 14459 8744 14097 14087 11785 60605 14051 8648 14345 14339 14127
2017-01-13T20:06:44Z 2017-01-09T09:16:35Z 2017-01-11T17:31:06Z 2018-01-21T14:32:17Z 2017-01-13T08:12:19Z 2017-01-10T16:42:54Z 2017-01-09T17:39:48Z 2017-01-13T10:32:27Z 2017-01-13T10:42:23Z 2017-01-16T20:13:24Z 2017-01-13T21:07:33Z 2017-01-09T17:29:44Z 2017-01-11T13:11:42Z 2017-01-13T20:29:06Z 2017-01-13T21:09:26Z 2017-01-08T09:01:31Z 2017-01-13T11:11:08Z 2017-01-09T17:40:02Z 2017-01-09T17:34:26Z 2017-01-11T12:52:35Z 2017-01-13T15:16:23Z 2017-01-11T13:44:19Z 2017-01-13T12:43:32Z 2017-01-11T12:48:45Z 2017-01-16T16:15:27Z 2017-01-10T09:36:08Z 2017-01-14T07:29:41Z 2017-01-13T11:09:34Z 2017-01-11T13:34:05Z 2017-01-09T17:37:29Z 2017-01-15T11:44:10Z 2017-01-10T16:13:00Z 2017-01-04T16:14:15Z 2017-01-13T10:41:08Z 2017-01-10T09:09:42Z 2017-01-10T16:28:19Z 2017-01-16T16:16:53Z 2017-01-13T20:09:12Z 2017-01-09T09:11:32Z 2017-01-16T20:36:03Z 2017-01-13T12:12:04Z 2017-01-12T15:37:41Z 2017-01-09T14:34:09Z 2017-01-09T17:41:09Z 2017-01-10T16:29:32Z 2017-01-11T08:28:47Z 2017-01-13T08:55:41Z 2017-01-09T13:39:50Z 2017-01-12T15:23:23Z 2017-01-15T11:39:51Z 2017-01-13T10:32:12Z 2017-01-09T13:32:57Z 2017-01-15T11:39:39Z 2017-01-15T15:57:20Z 2017-01-09T17:28:40Z 2017-01-11T12:24:56Z 2017-01-16T19:38:56Z 2017-01-09T13:44:19Z 2017-01-13T18:58:54Z 2017-01-11T13:35:27Z 2017-01-11T13:44:33Z 2017-01-04T08:42:51Z 2017-01-09T14:01:54Z 2017-01-11T13:46:57Z 2017-01-12T15:33:45Z 2017-01-08T08:56:43Z 2017-01-10T11:32:22Z 2017-01-11T13:33:53Z 2017-01-04T08:42:26Z 2017-01-13T14:58:30Z 2017-01-11T12:47:10Z 2017-01-13T15:03:42Z 2017-01-12T20:03:23Z 2017-01-13T20:30:22Z 2017-01-13T12:47:58Z 2017-01-13T11:10:53Z 2017-01-10T16:11:44Z 2017-01-15T15:41:04Z 2017-01-05T08:06:32Z 2017-01-16T19:39:18Z 2017-01-13T20:31:36Z 2017-01-16T11:33:53Z 2017-01-11T08:08:27Z 2017-01-09T17:36:33Z 2017-01-11T18:19:16Z 2017-01-11T13:46:29Z 2017-01-10T16:35:50Z 2017-01-11T08:13:46Z 2017-01-13T15:14:12Z 2017-01-13T08:10:34Z 2017-01-13T12:52:06Z 2017-01-09T14:18:10Z 2017-01-09T08:51:23Z 2017-01-10T16:42:35Z 2017-01-04T16:11:44Z 2017-01-13T12:53:41Z 2017-01-11T12:00:35Z 2017-01-10T09:08:35Z 2017-01-13T21:07:05Z 2017-01-09T13:43:21Z 2017-01-10T11:34:49Z 2017-01-09T14:10:46Z 2017-01-15T09:47:47Z 2017-01-15T11:45:53Z 2017-01-13T20:03:43Z 2017-01-10T16:31:44Z 2017-01-08T09:02:30Z 2017-01-04T16:13:56Z
239 227 229 235 237 231 233 1041 149 157 151 153 131 133 139 135 115 117 111 113 119 121 98 100 96 109 213 207 209 217 195 197 193 203 205 199 201 179 181 175 177 187 189 183 163 159 161 27 29 25 83 85 81 87 47 35 37 31 33 43 45 39 41 373
759177058 758294470 760343358 759481425 759716637 759914928 759488538 759859875 759148049 759893776 759826927 759519260 759826909 759673051 759831544 759857471 759338724 760199610 758929574 759176906 821605918 760201971 760161651 760173539 759294737 759483603 760173524 759341110 759810991 759175825 759914861 759114060 759116219 759675247 759305366 759485810 759338560 759147074 759340915 759815216 759150085 759459942 759842458 759842885 760174143 760374750 759483466 759810821 758294106 760374590 759906208 759906556 759909741 759176567 760173970 759341987 759175655 759144096 759342970 759859531 759342930 759144190 759674600 759525648 759909575 759461564 759831727 759177662 759909401 759831692 759858174 759985848 759838852 759489841 759146157 758413882 759828101 759142952 760407184 759489902 759479318 759905702 759143729 759305174 759483937 758929977 760411002 758244648 759843453 759116682 760401299 759915175 758244608 759291466 759177465 760401360 759177425 759460278 759341449 759488697 758294419 759827946 759843299 759489630 758929916 759291330 759489603 759488510
n4:759146157 n4:759909401 n4:759674600 n4:759915175 n4:759116219 n4:759305174 n4:759858174 n4:758413882 n4:760374590 n4:759460278 n4:759483466 n4:759673051 n4:759905702 n4:759485810 n4:759909741 n4:759828101 n4:759909575 n4:759143729 n4:759144096 n4:759914861 n4:759175825 n4:759175655 n4:760343358 n4:759831544 n4:759488697 n4:759338724 n4:758244648 n4:760374750 n4:759341449 n4:759481425 n4:758244608 n4:760199610 n4:760407184 n4:758294106 n4:759177465 n4:759826909 n4:759488538 n4:759338560 n4:759810991 n4:759906556 n4:760411002 n4:759488510 n4:759177425 n4:759843299 n4:759148049 n4:759483603 n4:759340915 n4:759147074 n4:759827946 n4:759305366 n4:759144190 n4:759906208 n4:759826927 n4:759177058 n4:759859531 n4:759810821 n4:759842885 n4:759525648 n4:760173970 n4:759842458 n4:759857471 n4:760174143 n4:821605918 n4:759675247 n4:759831727 n4:758294470 n4:759294737 n4:759341987 n4:758929977 n4:759914928 n4:759479318 n4:759815216 n4:760161651 n4:759489902 n4:759985848 n4:759893776 n4:759176906 n4:758929916 n4:759483937 n4:759831692 n4:759116682 n4:759341110 n4:760201971 n4:759838852 n4:758294419 n4:760173539 n4:759519260 n4:759489630 n4:759114060 n4:759142952 n4:759177662 n4:760401299 n4:759843453 n4:759489841 n4:759176567 n4:759291466 n4:759459942 n4:759150085 n4:758929574 n4:759716637 n4:760173524 n4:759342970 n4:760401360 n4:759461564 n4:759859875 n4:759489603 n4:759342930 n4:759291330
dbr:Valentin_Lemnaru dbr:Marian_Neagu dbr:Horia_Popa dbr:Alexandru_Misarăș dbr:Răzvan_Greu George Pirtea dbr:Bernard_Onanga_Itoua dbr:Andrei_Lungu dbr:Alexandru_Muscă dbr:Iulian_Mamele dbr:Călin_Păduraru dbr:Cătălin_Alexe dbr:Bogdan_Popescu_II dbr:Bruno_Vasiu dbr:Aymen_Tahar dbr:Rareș_Sporea dbr:Robert_Răducan dbr:Iustin_Teodorescu dbr:Andrei_Cordoș dbr:Horea_Bîgiu dbr:Ken_Tassin dbr:Cătălin_Vraciu dbr:Florin_Cordoș dbr:Cezar_Bosînceanu dbr:Alexandru_Ivan dbr:Răzvan_Stanca dbr:Alexandru_Crețu dbr:Cristian_Balgiu dbr:Nusmir_Fajić Laurențiu Tudor dbr:Bogdan_Şandru dbr:Paul_Botaș dbr:Endrick_dos_Santos_Parafita dbr:Denis_Băban dbr:Laurențiu_Buș dbr:Marius_Tigoianu dbr:Teodor_Ignea dbr:Alin_Dobrosavlevici dbr:Josip_Fuček dbr:Alin_Predescu dbr:George_Bârsănel dbr:Mihai_Leca n7: dbr:Denis_Dumitrașcu dbr:Norbert_Feketics dbr:Adrian_Borza dbr:Miodrag_Todorov dbr:Adrian_Viciu dbr:George_Ivan dbr:Octavian_Ursu Paul Păcurar dbr:Darius_Ursu dbr:Alexandru_Darie n9: dbr:Gabriel_Matei dbr:Cristian_Ionescu dbr:Lucian_Asanache dbr:Alin_Toșca n10: dbr:Dumitru_Hotoboc dbr:Ionel_Dinu dbr:Alexandru_Avram dbr:Andrei_Chindriș dbr:Mihai_Bălașa dbr:Claudiu_Belu-Iordache dbr:Adrian_Cristea dbr:Alexandru_Ichim dbr:Alin_Constantinescu dbr:Dan_Constantinescu dbr:Radu_Georgescu dbr:Romeo_Surdu dbr:Brice_Nanou dbr:Sorin_Radu dbr:Bogdan_Matei dbr:Cristian_Pulhac dbr:Alexandru_Mitrea dbr:Bogdan_Ungurușan dbr:Bogdan_Șandru dbr:Gabriel_Bragă n11: dbr:Bogdan_Miholca dbr:Radoslav_Dimitrov dbr:Mevlan_Adili dbr:Ovidiu_Popescu_II dbr:Bogdan_Stancu_III dbr:Andrei_David n14: dbr:Alin_Cârstocea dbr:Bogdan_Stancu_II dbr:Mirel_Bolboașă dbr:Armando_Mihai dbr:Daniel_Mutu dbr:Andrei_Neagoe dbr:Albert_Voinea dbr:Ioan_Mera dbr:Laurențiu_Moldovan dbr:Alessandro_Celin dbr:Jordy_Buijs dbr:Răzvan_Dulap dbr:Felix_Manciu dbr:Cristian_Cigan dbr:Cristian_Lucian_Munteanu Gabriel Dodoi dbr:Rivaldinho dbr:Josip_Šoljić dbr:Ciprian_Dicu n15:er_Bawab dbr:Azdren_Llullaku dbr:Vlad_Opriș dbr:Cătălin_Căbuz dbr:Cătălin_Toriște dbr:Radu_Crișan dbr:Stephan_Drăghici dbr:Ovidiu_Herea n16: dbr:Laurențiu_Manole dbr:Cosmin_Verdeș Mihai Butean dbr:Valentin_Cojocaru dbr:Olivian_Surugiu dbr:Cosmin_Piscanu dbr:Ovidiu_Mihai dbr:Andrei_Preda dbr:Mircea_Ionuţ_Axente dbr:Ionuț_Panțîru dbr:Sorin_Bușu dbr:Dorin_Rotariu dbr:Eugen_Matei dbr:Zsombor_Lukacs dbr:Grigore_Ceapă dbr:Rareș_Enceanu n18: n19:Doye dbr:Yasin_Hamed dbr:Sebastian_Chitoșcă dbr:Nicușor_Fota dbr:Bogdan_Vătăjelu dbr:Alin_Iordache dbr:Alexandru_Zaharia dbr:Alon_Netzer dbr:Akaki_Khubutia dbr:Fernando_Llorente_Mañas dbr:Neluț_Roșu dbr:Robert_Vâlceanu dbr:Viorel_Ferfelea dbr:Salif_Nogo dbr:Gabriel_Roatiș dbr:Florin_Ilie dbr:Laurențiu_Tudor dbr:Fabian_Lokaj dbr:Vlatko_Lazić dbr:Branimir_Stefanovici dbr:Antonio_Cruceru dbr:Daniel_Benzar dbr:Andrei_Ionescu dbr:Claudiu_Codoban dbr:Alberto_Cobrea dbr:Ciprian_Deac dbr:Claudiu_Săftescu dbr:Hristu_Chiacu dbr:Dorin_Burlacu dbr:Laurențiu_Petean dbr:Cătălin_Carp dbr:Robert_Moldoveanu dbr:Aleksandar_Šušnjar dbr:Răzvan_Avram dbr:Samson_Nwabueze dbr:Alexandru_Lazăr dbr:Paul_Păcurar dbr:Mihai_Alecsandru dbr:Robert_Grumezescu Ionuț Trocan dbr:Daniel_Celea dbr:Bogdan_Dănăricu dbr:Bernhard_Janeczek dbr:Claudiu_Ștefan dbr:Alexandru_Cincă dbr:Alexandru_Răuță dbr:Florin_Bejan dbr:Florin_Cioablă dbr:Romario_Kortzorg n20: dbr:Denis_Ciobanu dbr:Daniel_Mărgărit dbr:Roberto_Alecsandru dbr:Daniel_Sikorski n21: dbr:Alberto_Roșciugă dbr:Răzvan_Tincu dbr:Răzvan_Gorovei dbr:Valentin_Târș dbr:Bogdan_Nicolescu dbr:Robert_Tănăsescu dbr:Radu_Ungurianu dbr:Vlad_Bâte dbr:Marian_Stoenac dbr:Sergiu_Păcurar dbr:David_Lazar dbr:Cornel_Ene dbr:Antonio_Spîrleanu dbr:Vlad_Morar dbr:Robert_Moglan dbr:Alexandru_Chiripuș dbr:Zsolt_Tankó dbr:Raul_Horumbă dbr:Jeffrey_Ket dbr:Marian_Roșianu dbr:Mario_Pistrițu dbr:Răzvan_Pivniceru dbr:Ionuț_Zăina dbr:Javier_Velayos dbr:Laurențiu_Popescu dbr:Franc_Bakalli dbr:Silviu_Ilie dbr:Andrei_Firan dbr:Cosmin_Mihai dbr:Cristian_Onțel dbr:Alexandru_Bicher dbr:Robert_Chira dbr:Mathias_Mbabi dbr:Daniel_Popescu dbr:Daniel_Stanca dbr:Deivydas_Matulevičius dbr:Pablo_Brandán dbr:Ionuț_Murariu dbr:Eduard_Pap dbr:Mihai_Dina dbr:Mădălin_Crengăniș dbr:Mădălin_Martin dbr:Gordan_Bunoza Radu Crișan n22: dbr:Szilard_Vereș dbr:George_Țucudean dbr:Bogdan_Varodi dbr:Marco_Enciu dbr:Daniel_Cocină n23: dbr:Florian_Pârvu dbr:Bogdan_Mitrea dbr:Bojan_Golubović n26: dbr:Carlos_Silveira_da_Graça dbr:Vasile_Petra dbr:Alexandru_Nica dbr:Cosmin_Cristil dbr:Alin_Cristian_Stoica dbr:Marius_Chelaru dbr:Ionuț_Tripșa dbr:Alin_Pătrașcu dbr:Constantin_Grecu dbr:Sebastian_Mladen n27: dbr:Alexandru_Gudea dbr:Ciprian_Negoiță dbr:Răzvan_Negrescu dbr:Florin_Costea dbr:Vlad_Ignat dbr:Paul_Chiș-Toie dbr:Andrei_Sin dbr:Sergiu_Negruț dbr:George_Gavrilaș dbr:Alexandru_Dan dbr:Iulian_Roșu dbr:Alexandru_Bourceanu dbr:Ionuț_Tătaru dbr:Albert_Popa dbr:Mihai_Butean dbr:Gabriel_Lazăr dbr:Andrei_Antohi dbr:Nicușor_Mocanu dbr:Bănel_Nicoliță dbr:Adnan_Aganović dbr:Ioan_Neag dbr:Adrian_Voicu dbr:Radu_Dragne dbr:Iustin_Popescu dbr:Claudiu_Voiculeț dbr:Răzvan_Pădurețu dbr:Daniel_Barna dbr:Marius_Cocîrlă dbr:Adrian_Hurdubei dbr:Gabriel_Cădar dbr:Marian_Pleașcă n28: dbr:Victor_Petre dbr:Rareș_Pintea dbr:Mihai_Zamfir dbr:Nicolae_Roșu dbr:Boris_Živanović dbr:Valentin_Neaga dbr:Deian_Nicolici dbr:Dragoș_Mucuță dbr:Erico_da_Silva dbr:Adrian_Cîrstea dbr:Alexandru_Dîrstariu dbr:Cătălin_Țîră dbr:Alin_Florescu dbr:Lucian_Sănmărtean dbr:Andrei_Burlui dbr:Alexandru_Podlesnîi dbr:Alin_Angelescu dbr:Ștefan_Mardare dbr:Cristian_Pușcaș dbr:Bogdan_Dascălu dbr:Cosmin_Buziuc dbr:Benjamin_Bagoly dbr:Liviu_Antal dbr:Bogdan_Arapu dbr:Eduard_Turdean dbr:Horațiu_Moldovan dbr:Alexandru_Sorian dbr:Dragoș_Firțulescu dbr:Yuval_Jakobovich dbr:Valentin_Munteanu dbr:Valentin_Alexandru dbr:Andrei_Țepeș dbr:Sebastian_Ghinga dbr:Bogdan_Panait Andrei David dbr:Christian_Obodo Daniel Pîrvulescu dbr:Răzvan_Began dbr:Răzvan_Marin dbr:Adrian_Ungureanu dbr:Daniel_Vădrariu dbr:Marius_Bâtfoi dbr:Alexandru_Chebac dbr:Denis_Alibec dbr:Lucian_Odăgieru dbr:Valeriu_Lupu dbr:Dragoș_Arsu dbr:Ștefan_Niculae dbr:Bogdan_Stancu_IV dbr:Filip_Mrzljak dbr:Sandu_Iovu dbr:Sergiu_Bactăr dbr:Bogdan_Geantă dbr:Florin_Ștefan dbr:Sergiu_Buș dbr:Elton_da_Silva dbr:Daniel_Popescu_II dbr:Alin_Gojnea dbr:Roland_Stănescu dbr:Benjamin_Kuku dbr:Daniel_Stana dbr:Darius_Preda dbr:Claude_Dielna dbr:Cătălin_Pârvulescu dbr:Călin_Cristea dbr:Ricardo_Filip dbr:Dumitru_Muntean dbr:Konstantinos_Rougalas dbr:Erico_Constantino_Da_Silva dbr:Élton_Constantino_da_Silva dbr:Mugurel_Dedu dbr:Florin_Nițescu dbr:Kevin_Trabalka dbr:Paul_Batin dbr:Laurențiu_Tudor_II dbr:Vlad_Muțiu dbr:Cornel_Predescu dbr:Vlad_Olteanu dbr:Sténio Alexandru Oprița dbr:Marius_Matei dbr:Victoraș_Astafei dbr:Costin_Curelea dbr:Plamen_Iliev dbr:Robert_Boboc dbr:Ianis_Zicu dbr:Lorenzo_Ungurenașu dbr:Angelco_Prvulović dbr:Ionel_Ciortan dbr:Ionuț_Burnea dbr:Dino_Špehar dbr:Constantin_Budescu dbr:Vlad_Bujor dbr:Vasile_Mihai dbr:Andrei_Pițian dbr:Claudiu_Bumba dbr:Sorin_Frunză dbr:Victor_Gârlea dbr:Gabriel_Dodoi dbr:Pedro_Mingote dbr:Daniel_Pîrvulescu dbr:Denis_Brînzan dbr:Cristian_Daminuță dbr:Alexandre_Barthe dbr:Harlem_Gnohéré dbr:Hedon_Selishta Denis Brînzan dbr:Evangelos_Skraparas dbr:George_Pirtea dbr:Ionuț_Zaina dbr:Valentin_Lazăr dbr:Alexandru_Oprița dbr:Andrei_Rontea dbr:Ionuț_Trocan dbr:Bogdan_Bucurică dbr:Rareș_Takács dbr:Iustin_Anghel dbr:Patrick_Niță dbr:Ante_Sarić dbr:Modjieb_Jamali dbr:Gianmarco_Piccioni dbr:Epaminonda_Nicu dbr:Florin_Răsdan dbr:Denis_Dobra dbr:Constantin_Vasile dbr:Rambé dbr:László_Hodgyai
To 1º de Agosto To FC Zalău From Dacia Unirea Brăila To Rheindorf Altach To Club Brugge From Neftçi PFK From Roma, previously on loan at Trapani To ASA Târgu Mureș From CS Podari To Reading On loan to Balotești From Miedź Legnica Loan return from Dunărea Călărași From LPS Banatul Timișoara From CD Acero From Foresta Suceava To Royal Excel Mouscron To Dacia Unirea Brăila To Ufa From Cetate Deva To Astana On loan to Chindia Târgoviște, previously on loan at Râmnicu Vâlcea To Diósgyőr From Concordia Chiajna On loan to Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe, previously on loan at Brașov From Unirea Alba Iulia From Sheffield Wednesday Loan return to Concordia Chiajna From SCM Pitești From Minerul Lupeni From Poli Timișoara From Botev Plovdiv To Unirea Tășnad To Tokushima Vortis To Sohar To Olimpic Cetate Râșnov On loan from Sheffield Wednesday To Unirea Livada To CSU Craiova From Înainte Modelu From Aris Limassol To Al-Taawoun On loan from Botoșani To CS Podari From Hapoel Tel Aviv, previously on loan at Pandurii Târgu Jiu From Academica Clinceni To Delta Dobrogea Tulcea From CSU Craiova To Spartak Pleven From Racing Ferrol On loan to CS U Craiova On loan to Hermannstadt To Mioveni To Metalleghe-BSI To Real Betis On loan to Olimpia Satu Mare To Dunărea Călărași, previously on loan to AFC Hărman To Hapoel Nir Ramat HaSharon From Brașov To Șoimii Lipova On loan to AFC Hărman On loan to Al-Sailiya To Larissa To RKC Waalwijk To ACS Ghiroda, previously on loan to Becicherecu Mic On loan to Aninoasa From Khimki Loan return to Viitorul Constanța From Tobol To Pipinsried To Hermannstadt To Csákvári From Dinamo București To Târgu Mureș Loan return to Voluntari To Aerostar Bacău To Luceafărul Oradea From Gaz Metan Mediaș Loan return from Unirea Tărlungeni From RNK Split To TSV Berg From Alexandria From Hapoel Tel Aviv Loan return from ASU Politehnica To UTA Arad On loan to Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe From Bistrița To Apollon Smyrni On loan to Mioveni On loan from Ripensia Timișoara On loan to Înainte Modelu On loan from Viitorul Constanța To Inter Petrila Loan return to CSU Craiova From Shkupi From Viitorul Liteni From Free agent On loan to Știința Miroslava From Umm Salal To Agricola Borcea From Sepsi OSK Sfântu Gheorghe To Olimpia Satu Mare Loan return to Hapoel Tel Aviv, later signed by CFR Cluj On loan from Steaua București On loan from CS U Craiova To Cetate Deva From Gloria Popești-Leordeni From Sagan Tosu On loan to Brașov To Borac Čačak To SCM Pitești From Sport Team From Luceafărul Oradea To Aiginiakos To Kelantan To Botoșani On loan from Râmnicu Vâlcea To TuS Erndtebrück On loan from Sporting Pitești On loan to Concordia Chiajna To Free agent Loan return to Dinamo Bucureşti Loan return from CSM Pașcani To Universitatea Cluj On loan to Afumați, previously on loan at Râmnicu Vâlcea To Standard Liège To Maziya On loan from Dinamo București Loan return to LPS Banatul Timișoara From Messina From Internacional, previously on loan at Paysandu To Național Sebiș From Voluntari To Petrolul Ploiești From CS Balotești To FK Miercurea Ciuc From Unirea Tărlungeni To Nuova Mama Mia Becicherecu Mic To AFC Hărman To The New Saints From Viitorul Constanța To Academica Clinceni From ASIL Lysi On loan from Dinamo București, previously on loan to Râmnicu Vâlcea To Dinamo Tbilisi Loan return from Brașov From CSS Brașovia From Știința Miroslava From Cremonese Loan return from Știința Miroslava To CSM Politehnica Iași From Râmnicu Vâlcea From Tunari Loan return to CS Ineu, lately on loan to CS Dorobanți Loan return from Academica Clinceni Loan return to Pandurii Târgu Jiu To Sparta Prague On loan from Cracovia To Olimpija Ljubljana To Afumați To SV Hollenburg To Hapoel Kfar Saba From AS Trenčín On loan to Frosinone, previously on loan at Crotone From Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard To Skënderbeu Korçë To Cosmos Aystetten From Metalul Reșița Loan return to Ascoli, later signed by AEL Limassol Loan return from Oşorhei To Teplice From Pandurii II Târgu Jiu Loan return to Dinamo București On loan from Juventus București To Sporting Roşiori On loan from Concordia Chiajna To Urban Titu From Balotești From Astra Giurgiu From Pandurii Târgu Jiu To CS Tunari To Sepsi Sfântu Gheorghe To Górnik Łęczna On loan to Chindia Târgoviște, previously on loan at Brașov To Lanusei Calcio From Dalian Yifang, previously on loan To Gloria Popești-Leordeni On loan to Șirineasa Loan return to ACS Poli Timișoara, later on loan to Millenium Giarmata On loan to KSE Târgu Secuiesc On loan to Râmnicu Vâlcea To Pandurii Târgu Jiu Loan return to Marcel Băban Jimbolia, later on loan to Nuova Mama Mia Becicherecu Mic On loan to AFC Odorheiu Secuiesc From Dunărea Călărași From Chindia Târgoviște Loan return to Ardealul Cluj, later on loan to Unirea Jucu To Sydney FC On loan to Gyirmót On loan to CSMŞ Reşiţa On loan to CS Iernut From Botoșani To Juventus București To Derry City From CFR Cluj From Hapoel Nir Ramat HaSharon To Viitorul Constanța On loan to Atletic Bradu Loan return to Târgu Mureș From Vikingur Reykjavik To Voluntari On loan to Unirea Jucu From Apollon Limassol, previously on loan at AEZ Zakakiou From Afumați From Mioveni On loan to Sănătatea Cluj, previously on loan to Metalurgistul Cugir To Avântul Reghin On loan to Sportul Chișcani To Chiasso To Retired From Făurei To Metaloglobus București To Steaua București To Oțelul Galați From Olimpia Satu Mare From Dinamo Tbilisi On loan from Astra Giurgiu To CS U Craiova Loan return from Râmnicu Vâlcea Loan return to Astra Giurgiu From Inter Zaprešić To Incheon United On loan to Cetate Deva To Oberrad To Chindia Târgoviște To Concordia Chiajna From Hermannstadt From LPS Suceava From Taraz To Astra Giurgiu To Dečić To Arsenal Tula To ASU Politehnica Timișoara To Metalul Reșița From Unirea Dej To Brașov On loan from Râmnicu Vâlcea Loan return from Metalurgistul Cugir To Aninoasa On loan to Academica Clinceni To Atletic Bradu On loan to Pandurii Târgu Jiu To Foresta Suceava To Al-Faisaly To Cartagena From Aerostar Bacău On loan to Național Sebiș Loan return to TSV Berg From Fjarðabyggðar To Selangor On loan from Voluntari To Unirea Slobozia From Târgu Mureș On loan to UTA Arad Loan return to Viitorul Mihai Georgescu To Dunărea Călărași On loan to Foresta Suceava On loan to Millenium Giarmata, previously on loan to Becicherecu Mic From Steaua București To Balotești
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